Maxine is four!


Dear Maxine,

We have been counting down to this day for about 75 days. It’s your fourth birthday!

It’s hard for me to describe how much I love you. I am proud of the way you have been putting away your toys when you are all done playing, without being asked. This shows what a big girl you are becoming! I enjoy playing games with you, and it’s a lot of fun to play in the sand with you, too! You are a very creative, artistic girl with a natural talent for art and creating, and you quite enjoy this type of activity. I hope as you get older that you continue to practice and build your artistic talents.

We have seen many changes this year. Grandma and Grandpa Morrow went home in April. We sold our house and bought a new house in a new neighborhood. You got a new bedroom. You got a new bicycle, which you were not sure about riding but now you love. You’ve moved up classrooms a couple of times in preschool. You have learned to memorize and sing songs, books, and movies. Thanks to one of your preschool teachers, Ms. Stacy, you love story time and the library. Your favorite color is purple, and you find joy in your My Little Ponies, in unicorns, rainbows, PJ Masks, and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, cereal with rainbows (Lucky Charms) and “bars” (granola bars). Your favorite food is still pancakes, which I agree is a magical food, and I believe that you will always love sweets and treats, your favorite thing to ask for.

Just in the last two days, you have received 12 tokens for following rules, helping around the house, and being kind. That’s so many tokens for just two days, quite an accomplishment.

Along with all of your wonderful traits, you bring me challenges daily. This helps me to grow and learn new ways of being a mom to you, and to learn to adapt to your way of being in this world, which can be a challenging place to live right now. And my goal is to help you to learn how to live in it in ways that are productive and meaningful to you. I hope you grow to be kind and helpful toward others, and to be adventurous in a world that can be intimidating and feels limiting at times. I see my job as your mama as a guide or role model, which is actually the toughest job I have ever had.

Thank you for finally coming down from heaven to be with me, with our family, and for being the hardest teacher I’ve ever had. I will always love you, even if you say I’m “not [your] best friend!”

Love, Mama

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Flora is one


It’s official: Flora is one!

Parents will tell you that every child has their own personality and siblings can be vastly different from one another. Now, a year into being Mom of Two, I see it’s really true. How do two children from the same parents have wildly different personalities and abilities. It’s amazing.

Flora has blossomed into the sweetest soul. She is affectionate, gentle, and sensitive. She loves to give kisses and head-butts (“loves”). At a year old, she says five words (Mama, Dada, Hi, Papa, and All Done); stacks blocks up to five high; turns the pages of books and studies the pictures; sorts shapes and small items into a slot with ease; and is close to cruising but not quite there yet. She loves stories, and playing whatever anyone else is playing, including sissy. And speaking of sissy, Maxine is still coming to terms with having to share and play with Flora, and every once in a while, Flora will shove or pull on Maxine’s shirt sleeve to express frustration or displeasure at being excluded or having a toy taken from her hands. It’s actually really cute and amusing to watch, but I try to not laugh out loud because I don’t want to encourage either of their behaviors.

Flora, One | February 2018
Flora, One | February 2018

It is complete joy being Flora’s mom. She has brought confidence back to my role as a mother. She restored my confidence in myself as a person, a woman, a scholar. She is the reason I chose to go back and get a Masters. And she reminds me what it is to be joyful and loving and full of the love the Spirit has for each of us. She helps me be a better mother to Maxine, which I’ve likely documented here on this blog as a challenge (more on this in a future post). Flora reminds me to be safer, to make the right decisions, to lean in. She reminds me to be gentle with others and myself. And she makes me love motherhood more than I thought possible. My favorite part of the day is walking through the door saying, “Helloooo, Baby!”, and seeing her raise her arms up for a hug. I absolutely love playing with her. She shows determination and perseverance and already has a love for learning. She watches us do something and catches on like she’s been doing it for 100 years.

I feel so proud to be the mom of this little girl, and I’m looking forward to sharing more of her (and Maxine’s) growth in this space. Take a look below at her first year.

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Birthday 39

I turned 39 yesterday. I remember getting ready to turn 30, and my older/wiser friends told me that the 30s is really where it’s at. You know more. You do more. The sex is better. Seriously. They were like, You will love the 30s!

Turning 30 for me was a baptism of sorts. My 20s had been really difficult and challenging. There was a lot of bad dating. Bad jobs. Bad friends. Family drama. Some death (not related to the aforementioned issues). Interestingly–and thankfully, there was no heavy drinking or drugs, but lots of counseling. It took me almost the entire decade to get my shit together in general. So, by my 30th birthday, I was freshly graduated from college and hunting for that forever job, and that seemed like the perfect time to start new. My long-term relationship was ending, and while being unemployed and single at 30 sounds like a rough way to begin a new decade, I decided that it was going to be a new start. I really, really needed a new start.

It was a very optimistic time for me. I had a lot of hope that things would quickly look up and that I would start making better decisions for my life.

30th Birthday
On my 30th birthday with friends and family. L-R: Shawn, Munyaka, Scott, Me, Kari, and Nicole

And that’s how I entered my 30s. I found a job. And then an even better job not long after. I bought a new car. I moved into an amazing view apartment on the hill of a hip, busy neighborhood of Seattle, close to work and lived there for five years. I dated. I had so many fun adventures and enjoyed time with my friends. I really loved my life. And it only got better when I met my husband, got married, and had Maxine.

For me, one of the best parts of hitting these big milestones in the 30s is that I’ve had my fun. I’ve grown up. I know more. I have more life experiences. And those are things I take into marriage and being a mother. Besides that, I am WAY too tired to go drink with friends, or stay up late doing anything.

Sarah Morrow

Now that I am officially in my last year of the 30s, I feel qualified to say that, yes – it’s true: The 30s are so fun. I will walk away from this decade feeling refreshed and blessed. I am ready to see what the 40s have waiting for me next year!


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