Craftsman Renovation

Nathan and I are thinking about staying in this house and renovating it pretty immensely. My idea would be to make the current kitchen into an entry, since we always come in through the backdoor. It would be a place to drop our shoes, our bag and coat; to store things we may need–blankets, outdoor gear; a place to do laundry and store laundry supplies. I imagine a built in bench, with storage underneath, cabinets to store things, and a wall with hooks for each person’s coats and bags. Also, a pantry for the kitchen. Here are some images (**click the first image to see all photos and notes about each image**).

Then, from the entry way (which is where our current kitchen is), you could take a left into the hallway where the bedrooms are (there is currently a spice cabinet in that space, which I’d want removed, the adjacent wall removed, and opened up that “walk way” opened up. Or, you could walk straight through into the kitchen (where the current dining room/playroom is). The two walls creating an entryway from this room into the living room would be taken out — possibly replaced with a supporting beam, to open up the kitchen space to the living room. And the french doors opening to the deck, currently in the dining room/playroom, would be replaced with a wall of windows, and the french doors would be moved to the new dining room space (east side of the living room), where they could open on the deck.

Back to the kitchen: I imagine it open, maybe with an island, or maybe with a large bar counter for informal eating. I don’t really know what the layout would look like, but I imagine it to be open and much roomier than it is currently. New appliances. Soft-closing cabinets and drawers, cabinets with shelving that pulls out; and maximizing space in general. Here are a few images of the layouts that I imagine (not necessarily design/colors/style):

So, that would be the main renovation. I would also like to add insulation into the walls of many rooms. I would like to replace all the bedroom, closet and bathroom doors to white five-panel doors; new energy efficient windows with white craftsman/period window trim; new carpet in the appropriate spaces; new white French doors off the new dining room; and eventually a wrap-around deck. I’d also like to paint the house a darker blue, and landscape the yard. Upstairs, Nathan wants to build a small veranda off the side of the master bedroom with a place to sit and look at the lake. The bathroom up here needs a reno as well, and I wouldn’t mind updating the skylights and/or give them new, fresh window trim. Here are some ideas for window trims and doors: